Role: Art Direction, Concept,
& Songwriting
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Client: Facebook

We're Not Just Staying Apart Right Now

In March of 2020, people were figuring out ways to keep doing the activities they used to do before having to stay home due to COVID-19. They picked up new hobbies like puppeteering, baking, drawing dinosaurs, going to virtual museums, playing cellos, and learning new skills. And they were streaming it all on Facebook Watch. 

We decided to shine a light on these adaptive livestreamers and make a song dedicated to them. We partnered with Ken Jeong to perform this song from his house sung along with 22 other Facebook livestreamers from their own homes — All filmed remotely.


Client: Facebook
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Global Creative Director: Susan Hoffman 
Creative Directors: 
Matthew Carroll, Andy Laugenour,
Art Director:
 Jesica Marquez

Copywriter: Gus Solis 
Producer: Jeff Selis

Director: Carrie Brownstein
Production Compant: Prettybird
Music: Chris Funk
Year: 2020